The Bouldering Shirt

Some say the bouldering shirt doesn’t exist – that boulderers are actually shirtless, but these people fail to see the nuances of fashion. So, in this post we examine the pros and cons of the bouldering shirt.

A sport climber rocking the bouldering shirt
A sport climber rocking the bouldering shirt (image by Paul Savala)


-Ultra lightweight
-Get to show off your guns
-Unlimited Range of motion
-Really get in touch with nature

-Body hair getting pinched by rope/biners
-Have to show off your scrawny arms
-Freezing in winter
-Sunburn in summer
-Get too in “touch” with nature – cuts and scrapes everywhere
-Nothing to rip off in manly display of celebrating sending
-Can’t show off your amazing fashion sense

Clearly, we can see cons have it. So, here at Clombing we say go for a shirt (big surprise there, hey?). What do you think?


Feature image by Clark Weber.


Roll ’em Up

This feature is a common thing we see both around the crag and the gym: long pants, rolled up to 3/4 length.

Long pants are great on rock as give your legs a bit more protection but can be hot and, depending on the material and cut, limit your movement.

We would just buy 3/4 pants, but so many clearly think this is the way! What are your thoughts?

Featured image is of Indian Creek by Fabien Quetier.